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Ask the Writer

I’ve written lots about writing in general and about my books and my writings. Now it’s your chance to ask me questions about: my process my writer influences where my ideas come from characters settings future planned works goals and plans beyond writing writing advice etc. I’ll be curious to know what questions you have for me. Either add a comment here or send me an email at [email protected] and know that I’ll respond in a future blog. Save

Book Trailer for for Ballet Trilogy and Interview with Videographer Emily Hill 0

Book Trailer for for Ballet Trilogy and Interview with Videographer Emily Hill

Book Trailers are one way authors introduce readers to their books. My dear friend, Emily Hill created a lovely book trailer for my ballet-themed books: 84 Ribbons, When the Music Stops – Dance On, and Letters to Follow – A Dancer’s Adventure. She took my ideas and massaged them into this lovely tribute to ballet. After watching her work, I decided my blog followers might enjoy a peek behind the scenes of how she organized the trailer. Here’s her brief interview. Your book, The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter had an amazing book trailer. When and how did you get started making...

December? Already? 0

December? Already?

Where did the year disappear to so quickly? Last week was summer wasn’t it? Or maybe September? But December…so soon? My writing goals took a hit earlier this year when we had problems with the covers on When the Music Stops- Dance On. That slowed my event planning which in turn pushed back my writing time on the last book in the trilogy, Letters to Follow. Talk about the domino effect!! Now, as 2015 ends, I’m hoping I’ve found the ending to book three. I have a clear resolution to most all the issues left unfinished in the first two...

After the Music Stops, What Do you Do? 1

After the Music Stops, What Do you Do?

[Now that When the Music Stops-Dance On is available in bookstores everywhere (hooray!!!), I thought you’d enjoy reading a typical press release.] Edmonds, WA – September— How does a dancer who’s spent her entire young life training to dance and perform, step away from the choreography, the costumes, the music, and the bright lights? Award-winning author Paddy Eger says, “Most dancers do not make that transition easily. Marta Selbryth is no exception.” In When the Music Stops— Dance On, book two of her YA trilogy, Eger addresses Marta’s roller coaster of emotions as her career faces steep challenges. “Her life...

Upcoming Book Events for When the Music Stops-Dance On 0

Upcoming Book Events for When the Music Stops-Dance On

When the Music Stops-Dance On has a publication date of Sept. 15th. To celebrate the release of this, book two in the ballet series, I have events planned and YOU’RE INVITED! *** Thursday, September 24th 7 PM at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park *** Thursday, October 15th drop-in between 5 and 8 PM to the Edmonds Bookshop (It’s Art Walk Thursday!) *** Saturday, October 24th at 2 PM at the Barnes and Noble in the Kitsap Mall (Silverdale) PLUS: Invite me to your book club meeting, live or via Skype, most anytime over the next months. If you’re...

Remember the Good Reads Giveaway! 0

Remember the Good Reads Giveaway!

There is still time to enter the Goodreads giveaway for a chance to win a free paperback copy of When the Music Stops-Dance On. It’s easy: Goodreads Book Giveaway When the Music Stops by Paddy Eger Giveaway ends July 31, 2015. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter Giveaway I  like to include a little surprise when I mail books to the winners! The Giveaway ends July 31st. Please, share this information with your friends who love stepping back to the last 1950s and who enjoy a ballet-themed stories.

When the Music Stops is Now Available 0

When the Music Stops is Now Available

I’m excited to let you know When the Music Stops-Dance On, book two in the ballet trilogy, is now available online and directly through me or my publisher, Tendril Press. As soon as the book distributors (who service your favorite bookshops) agree to add the book to their catalogs and lists, When the Music Stops-Dance On will be available everywhere. Currently it is available from Amazon. Feel free to ask your favorite bookseller to order you a copy. If you order more than 8 copies of the book, contact me directly for a bulk discount. I’ll add a surprise and...

Formal Interview about When the Music Stops 2

Formal Interview about When the Music Stops

In addition to reviews by readers, authors seek out bloggers and other authors to interview them. The following is one such interview. Please feel free to share it with your friends. The following interview posted by blogger Anna Swenda through NetGalley is a formal interview. (https:// Posted on June 1, 2015 by Anna E Summer has become synonymous with reading and author interviews it seems. I am so excited to finally be interviewing and including West Coast author Paddy Eger to the group! PE– Paddy Eger    AS– Anna Swenda AS– I am so excited to finally be interviewing...

Writing a Pain-Free Review 1

Writing a Pain-Free Review

Author are needy people. We seek validation from our critique groups, mentors and our readers. I know, that’s almost pathetic isn’t it? Why do authors seek validation? We work to create interesting stories, but without comments (reviews) we don’t know if we’ve succeeded. That’s where you come in. We hope what we write strikes a favorable chord inside you. That it informs or entertains, startles or amuses you and leaves you feeling satisfied. But, what should a reader mention in a review? (Please read to the end for a suggestion to ease any stress this section stirs up inside you.)...

2 Ballet Dancers: Misty Copeland and Marta 1

2 Ballet Dancers: Misty Copeland and Marta

Misty Copeland, a soloist with New York’s American Ballet Theatre was interviewed last Sunday, May 10th, on 60 Minutes. [See: 60 Minutes Season 47 – Episode 33]  As I watched, I wondered how Marta, my 84 Ribbons and When the Music Stops leading character compared to a real ballet dancer. Let’s find out. Both young women stand at five feet. Both were raised mostly by their mother. Both began their training in simple settings rather than ballet academies and worked far beyond their regular class hours to perfect their dancing. Both felt music rather than danced to music. Both sustained...