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My Top 6 Famous Ballet Dancers 0

My Top 6 Famous Ballet Dancers

Through history the ballet world has created many famous dancers who’ve shared their grace, beauty, charisma, and strength. Here’s my short list in no special order and why they’ve made my list. Anna Pavlova (Russian, 1881-1931) Not a typical small, compact dancer. Her world travels opened up the non-European world to classical ballet. She’s also credited with revising the pointe shoe. The role of the Dying Swan was created for her. Margot Fonteyn (English, 1919-1991) Beauty in motion who danced from 1935-1960s (but danced on occasion until age 60). I saw her dance in Seattle when I was a young...

Book Trailer for for Ballet Trilogy and Interview with Videographer Emily Hill 0

Book Trailer for for Ballet Trilogy and Interview with Videographer Emily Hill

Book Trailers are one way authors introduce readers to their books. My dear friend, Emily Hill created a lovely book trailer for my ballet-themed books: 84 Ribbons, When the Music Stops – Dance On, and Letters to Follow – A Dancer’s Adventure. She took my ideas and massaged them into this lovely tribute to ballet. After watching her work, I decided my blog followers might enjoy a peek behind the scenes of how she organized the trailer. Here’s her brief interview. Your book, The Ghost Chaser’s Daughter had an amazing book trailer. When and how did you get started making...

Ballet-Behind the Scenes 0

Ballet-Behind the Scenes

I live near Seattle and support the PNB (Pacific Northwest Ballet). That support entitles me to free admission to two dress rehearsals. This season I saw Romeo and Juliet, then “American Stories.” What I enjoy about the dress rehearsals is the opportunity to watch them perform and then watch the stager and artistic director make adjustments. They meet with the dancers from various acts, rehearse changes, change lighting, adjust the tempo of the orchestra, and all with aa thoudans or more donors sitting quietly, watching and enjoying the opportunity. Some dancers wear warm-up clothes, others near-full costume. Conversations fly around,...